Meet the Volunteers



The Westminster HHCP is indebted to the volunteers that offer their time to help with the project. Volunteers are involved in multiple projects, such as producing this website, running health promotion sessions in homeless services, editing the e-newsletter and conducting research for best practice guides. This section of the website provides information on these volunteers as a thank you to their committment.

If you are interested in volunteering for the HHCP, please email for further information.


Volunteer position: Health Promotion Volunteer at The Passage Resource Centre.

Name: Susan Eldren

I am a Health Adviser for the Department of International Development and a nurse. I satrted volunteering in the autumn of 2015 alongside another health promotion volunteer, so I am still fairly new and have a lot more to learn. So far, the part I most enjoy about this work is learning. I enjoy hearing how people understand their own wellbeing as well as make an effort to improve their health. The health promotion sessions give me the chance to hear from others - my co-faciliator and the people coming to the session - what health means to them and how they progress towards better health.

I have a lot to learn and I am looking forward to the months ahead. Thank you Anna and St. Mungo's for the great learning opportunity through volunteering!